Complaints & Appeals



We hope that our customers consider our processes to be fair and transparent, however Lapithus recognises that there may be occasions when its customers wish to appeal a decision that has been made.

Lapithus has a fair appeals process in place, overseen by individuals who are suitably qualified and experienced to decide on a fair outcome.

You have a right to appeal where:

- An alternative repayment arrangement has been offered by Lapithus and you are not willing to enter into the alternative repayment arrangement.
- If we have declined to offer an alternative repayment arrangement to you.
- Where Lapithus has classified you as non co-operative.

You have the right to appeal to Lapithus appeal board up to 22 days after you receive notification of our decision. All appeals must be made in writing and addressed to:

The Appeals Board
Lapithus Management DAC
PO Box 12714
Dublin 24

Lapithus will acknowledge your appeal within five days of receipt and will keep you updated every 20 days with the progress of your appeal.

A final decision will be communicated to you in writing within 40 days of Lapithus having received your appeal. This decision will explain fully the reasons behind our final decision.


NB: Further to our previous communications to all customers, if your complaint relates to the period from 8th July 2015 until 2nd February 2016, the regulated entity undertaking mortgage administration services was Homeloan Management Limited (“HML”). If you wish to complain about any issues covering that period, then you should contact HML at:

Address :
Homeloan Management Limited
Pioneer House
Ulster Science and Technology Park
Branch Road
BT48 0SP


Lapithus is committed to treating customers fairly and offering high quality customer service.

However, if you feel that we have not done so we will review your case as part of our standard complaints procedure and will address your concerns fairly and as quickly as possible.

Lapithus will acknowledge your complaint within five days of receipt and will keep you updated every 20 days with the progress of your complaint. A final decision will be issued to you in writing once we have completed our investigations. In any event we will issue a response within 8 weeks.

You can complain to Lapithus by writing to us at:

Complaints Department
Lapithus Management DAC
PO Box 12714
Dublin 24
or by phoning us on
0818 555390 (Lo-call)

If you remain dissatisfied or in the unlikely event of us not issuing our Final Response within 40 working days of receiving your complaint, you have the option to refer the matter to the Financial Service Ombudsman Bureau.

Should you wish to refer your complaint to the Financial Service Ombudsman Bureau (which must take place within 28 days of receiving our Final Response), please find below the relevant contact details:

Financial Services Ombudsman's Bureau
3rd Floor, Lincoln House,
Lincoln Place,
Dublin 2

Lo-call: 1890 88 20 90
Tel: +353 1 6620899
Fax: +353 1 6620890

It is important to remember that you will need to complete our Internal Complaints Procedure before the Ombudsman will review your concerns.


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