The Lapithus Group was formed in 2010 as a result of our client’s strategic decision to create a pan-European special servicing platform.  This has helped our client to better execute asset management strategies, provide comfort to sellers that borrower relations will be professionally managed post-sale, as well as offer operational synergies through standardisation of functions across a range of different geographies.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, over the past several years Lapithus has become increasingly vertically integrated, and now offers full asset management services and support on acquisition, disposal, due diligence, valuation, finance and fund reporting as well as direct and master servicing. We currently employ c90 staff in 5 countries.

AUM have grown from €4.8 Bn in April 2011 to €13.9 Bn as of December 2016, and now encompasses secured CRE and residential loans, unsecured consumer credit, direct RE asset management (commercial/residential), hospitality, shipping, operating platforms and financial institutions.


Transaction Management

• A virtual team formed from Lapithus staff as necessary to act as liaison between Lapithus and our client; managing Lapithus’ involvement in the review and purchase of new portfolios, integration of all transactions (e.g. portfolio acquisitions, securitisations, loan sales etc.) and collaboration and due diligence with our client's investment team.

Portfolio Management / Asset Management

• Two functions integrated and distributed across 3 teams to ensure that technical expertise is combined synergistically with operational experience. Modelling complex investment cashflows as well as the latest macroeconomic trends to accurately forecast the projected portfolio returns. Performance attribution of historic performance and providing strategic direction on future portfolio strategy. Analysing and recommending borrower resolution/asset sale opportunities, within the context of total portfolio performance. Producing quarterly audited valuation models that feed into our client's NAV valuations.



• Tailored solutions (bespoke and off-the-shelf systems) for the boarding and continued management of all investments. Advanced data processing capability supporting a complete Data Warehouse that has the complete history of all investments managed. Reporting and analytical tools provide unique intelligence to support existing and future investments.


Legal & Finance

• Corporate services, IPDs, accounting and document preparation. Tax management and statutory reporting.

Portfolio Management

• Master management for: operating platforms, financial institutions and shipping investments
• Fund level and ad hoc analytics
• Investor and internal reporting
• Oversight of quarterly valuation process

Real Estate Asset Management

• Management of external service providers
• Direct real estate asset management
• Leasing of real estate collateral
• Marketing strategies for real estate
• Packaging and sale of real estate portfolios

Loan Asset Management

• Management of external service providers
• Responsibility for recovery and resolution of loans
• Voluntary negotiations and settlements with borrowers
• Preparation and filing of legal claims against borrowers
• Foreclosure on assets
• Due diligence support for new portfolios