Help for Borrowers in Arrears

Lapithus Management DAC has been appointed by Tanager DAC ("Tanager") to administer and manage its loans for and on its behalf. Lapithus has appointed Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited to assist in the administration of the loans. Lapithus Management DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Credit Servicing Firm. If you have any query in relation to your mortgage account, please contact us on the following number:

Variable Rate Summary Statement

If you are on a variable rate, the interest charged on your mortgage loan is a variable interest rate, which may be adjusted by Tanager.  The factors that influence your variable rate are the cost to us of funding our mortgage loans, the cost of servicing our mortgage loans and the market rates.  Some of these factors fluctuate on a frequent basis however it is only significant movements from the current position that would cause us to review our existing variable rates.

Tanager does not currently offer any other rates that would be available to you at this time.  We will notify you if this changes in the future.

This statement is not relevant to tracker mortgages. 


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